Supporting community-based organizations with grant writing, research, and program evaluation

grant writing, research, program evaluation

Grant writing

Community research

Program evaluation

Ethnographica Consulting is here to support your non-profit organization as you plan implementation projects, engage in grant writing, think about conducting needs assessments or other community research projects, and evaluate your programs. Our approach involves working closely with the client so that our work is responsive to the client needs. Our research and evaluation work is fundamentally participatory and qualitative and makes use of methods such as in-depth interviews, focus groups, photo-elicitation, and theories of change and logic models. 

Offering high-quality services in: 

  • Assisting CBOs in conceptualizing interventions.
  • Working with groups in creating theories of change and logic models to represent their programs. 
  • Assisting teams in writing grant proposals.
  • Helping groups to identify community research needs and conduct research.
  • Evaluating programs with an emphasis on process and formative evaluation.

What clients have to say:

Dr. Contreras is attentive, highly professional, and exceptionally knowledgeable about ATLAS.ti. And I really appreciate that he is an applied cultural anthropologist with an appreciation for both inductive and deductive approaches to qualitative research. He knows the software and understands qualitative research! My experience was not only a project analysis jumpstart, but one excellent use of my time!

Karen Rotabi, PhD, School of Social Work, Virginia Commonwealth University

What clients have to say:

Dr. Contreras’ ATLAS.ti introductory training is absolutely essential for the novice user of this very complex software. He has a profound understanding of the concepts that guide the design of the software. He explains these concepts in clear language, solicits feedback from his students throughout each session, and beautifully models the data management and coding process from beginning to end.

Carol Berkenhotter, PhD, Department of Writing Studies, University of Minnesota

What clients have to say:

Dr. Ricardo Contreras, is excellent in his role as workshop instructor/leader— showing experienced competence, insight, and a very personable approach. I highly recommend him as an ATLAS.ti trainer.

Dan Hechenberger, PhD, Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education, Governors State University

What clients have to say:

After purchasing the ATLAS.ti program I was thoroughly overwhelmed. My personal attempts to understand the program left me confused and discouraged. Ricardo did a great job explaining the process in a patient and practical manner. Using my own data made the experience meaningful and knowing that I could follow-up with personal contact has given me great confidence. 

Jean Hasenstab, Doctoral Student, St. Louis University

What clients have to say:

Dr. Contreras managed to help me tremendously, because he knew the material, could effectively teach us how to use it, and made us feel that we were able to learn it— we were not ‘too old’ or ‘too far along’ to learn. Thanks for treating us like humans with real potential!

Jennifer Averill, RN, PhD, Associate Professor of Nursing, University of New Mexico

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